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EBRO EcoPower, the Spanish electric pick-up that pays homage to the past

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EcoPower and other companies such as Jaton Racing or QEV Technologies are working on this new Spanish project.

Last January, those responsible for the Dakar Rally announced that within its so-called "Dakar Future," it would integrate a Spanish manufacturer, which sought to take part in the race and its category with alternative propulsion systems in the not-too-distant future. This project has a name and surname: Ebro EcoPower, and it is expected to arrive in 2023 in the form of an electric pick-up designed, developed, and manufactured in Spain.

The intention is to produce this EcoPower product in the second quarter of next year. EcoPower has received the support of other companies such as API Brothers, Btech, Nexus Projectes, and Jaton Racing, well known for being responsible for the Acciona 100% electric project, which was also part of the Dakar Rally. QEV Technologies, for its part, in addition to its presence in competition in both Extreme E and the World RallyCross Championship, has also been the driving force behind the modern era of Hispano Suiza.

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