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The Dakar Rally presents two other 'rivals' of the Audi RS Q e-tron

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Two new projects have recently been presented, one involving a name we already know, that of EcoPower, with a structure behind the Acciona team that competed in Dakar in the past. In partnership with Avatel, the team is already making its mark this year in the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship with a 100% electric buggy.

This Side-By-Side is still an evolution of the electric 4x4 that finished the Dakar in 2017, but the powertrain has been tweaked to make it lighter and more compact. It carries four battery packs, two under the seats and two in the rear. At the same time, the 250kW electric motor is placed in a central arrangement, with a six-speed transmission and peculiarity. It has three pedals, two of them for braking, one being regenerative and the other hydraulic, intended precisely when you need the full power of the disc brakes.

However, the program continues, as, in parallel, work is being done on reviving the iconic EBRO brand. In this case, through the launch of an electric pick-up and the goal of competing in Dakar in 2023, this EcoPower project has made a strong entry into the races.

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