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The EBRO brand will be reborn in Zona Franca, manufacturing an electric pick-up truck

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BTech, part of the reindustrialization hub of the former Nissan plants in Barcelona, intends to relaunch the former Spanish brand Ebro and manufacture 40,000 units per year.

Recently in EspacioFurgo, we reported on QEV Technologies' project to manufacture 60,000 Zeroid electric vans. This company is in charge of the Decarbonization Hub (D-Hub) of the Zona Franca of Barcelona, which is leading the reindustrialization strategy of the former Nissan plants in that area of Barcelona. The engineering firm Barcelona Technical Center (BTech) is the other leading partner of the D-Hub and wants to relaunch the former Spanish brand Ebro.

BTech's objective is to assemble some 40,000 units per year, which, added to those planned for Zeroid, would make a total of 100,000 vehicles produced yearly in Zona Franca. The first model developed by the Ebro brand would be an electric pick-up, which should be on sale by mid-2023.

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