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Ebro, the 'Spanish Tesla' that wants to be reborn with a pick-up and an electric 4x4

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A new Spanish project, through BTech, together with Jaton Racing, contemplates the resurrection of the Ebro brand of trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles, which was created in 1954.

The new Ebro would be born with a pick-up similar in size to the Nissan Navara, with a platform that will also serve to make a pure off-roader in the style of the Toyota Land Cruiser. These two models would be 100% electric, and the technology would derive from the learning obtained in the most challenging raids, including the Dakar. Because both Eduardo Bueno, CEO of EcoPower, and Ariel Jatón, of Jatón Racing and CTO of these models, are already testing a competition prototype that would be the basis of the future Ebro pickup.

Acciona has committed to buy several Ebro pickups for its renewable energy parks so that the forecast they have if they keep Nissan's facilities would be to start manufacturing the pickup at the end of next year. In 2022, in the first full year, 4,000 units will be made, reaching 30,000 units by 2030. The capacity of Nissan Zona Franca is 200,000 vehicles per year.

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