Committed to Transformation:
At EBRO, we have reinvented ourselves, adopting a more sustainable approach and making a firm commitment to 100% electric mobility
From 1954 to 2023, this is just the beginning
Technological innovation, communication, environmental responsibility, racing adventure, and authenticity.
Optimize and speed up the integration of electric mobility into day-to-day life.
Make electric mobility accessible, valuable and safe for everyone with the help of emerging technologies and racing experience.
It all began in 1954 when we embarked on an exciting adventure: the creation of a company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural vehicles and machinery. Our history is full of key events, as we have contributed something invaluable to the automotive market in our country.

We continue to pursue the hearts of our followers and, above all, we work with the same passion to design vehicles that will leave an indelible mark on the electric automotive industry.

Shaping the Future of Mobility: EBRO's History and Passion for the Electric Automotive Industry

Relive our history
Nationalization and renaming of the company to Motor Ibérica SA. Registration and the first mention of EBRO as a tractor and truck brand based on the Ford Thames Trader.
Presentation of the EBRO C-153.
The development of the EBRO F260 is based on the EBRO F-108. Expansion of the F range with the F275 and F350 models.
Purchase by Motor Ibérica SA of the rights for the production of Fadisa vans of the Alfa Romeo brand, Avia vehicles of the Perkins brand, and the Aisa diesel engine production technology from Siata and Jeep models. Production of EBRO F-100 cargo vans.
Nissan Motor Co. expands share capital to 55%. Start of production of Patrol all-terrain vehicle and Vanette small van under the Nissan brand.
Transformation of the EBRO F-100 into the EBRO F-108, full transfer of the rights of the car by Alfa Romeo to Motor Ibérica SA.
Nissan acquires the rights to EBRO and Motor Iberica, turning it into Nissan Motor Iberica.
The debut of the first 100% EV that finishes the Dakar produced by Jaton Racing (one of the founders of Ecopower) for the Dakar race.
Ecopower becomes the first and only 100% electric SUV to finish the Dakar rally, the toughest race in the world.
Production of the first test prototype of our EV. First pre-sales to companies.
The first working electric prototype based on the Navara concept.
Presentation of the Ebro Pick-up Prototype at the Barcelona Auto Show
Introducing "Pastor", the first electric tactical 4x4, with the collaboration of the Spanish Army. We started with the pioneering creation and testing of the EV concept designed for B2B use in challenging environments.
We have proven to have great potential in the toughest off-road races in the world
We are on a path of constant innovation, providing EBRO vehicles with state-of-the-art technology. For this reason, we collaborate as a team with international rally specialists in order to consolidate our position as a highly competitive brand.
Our main challenge lies in making a significant difference in driving electric mobility, thus building a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our team

  • Pedro Calef
    CEO & Founder
  • Edu Blanco
    Founder & Commercial Advisor
  • Valentin Rouss
    Founder, IT & Marketing Advisor
  • Daniel Asensio
    Founder & Technical Advisor
  • Ariel Jaton
    Founder & Technical Advisor
  • Jorge Susaeta
    Commercial Marketing Director
  • Oriol Saperas
    Head of Product Marketing
  • David Mateu
    Finance Director
  • Pablo Cruz
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Víctor Cabrerizo Garcia
    Vehicle Program Manager
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